Zeiss OCT

Roberts Eyecare Associates can now provide an even more thorough examination and diagnosis of your retina than ever before with the Zeiss Stratus OCT?. This cutting-edge diagnostic system allows our doctors to get a complete cross-sectional view of your retina using an optical measurement known as low-coherence interferometry. The technology is much like ultrasound technology, except that it uses light rather than sound.

The Zeiss Stratus OCT? scans an infrared light across the retina, which generates a cross-sectional image of the tissue in microscopic detail. It generates a measurement of tissue and distance of up to 1/100 of a millimeter and over 500,000 data points. This allows us to view your retina as if it were under a microscope, enhancing our ability to diagnose and manage a wide-range of retinal disorders, including diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, ocular histoplasmosis, and macular holes.

Microscopic picture of the macula (top) with corresponding OCT image (bottom).

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