Cool Factor

Preventing Children's Eye Damage While Promoting the "Cool Factor".

Reprinted from the July 2008 Eyefinity Advisor NewsletterA Message from Eyefinity's President, Steve Baker 

Weve all heard that for children under 10, the eye lens absorbs more ultraviolet light than the adult lens at age 30.

It's true and it's cause for concern. As long as they pass their eye exams, we don't always think about their need for eyewear. We take them to the park, to the State Fair, to the rodeo, and we let them rip and run, often without protective eyewear.

More than 43% of ball sports-related injuries occur under age 15. Statistics show that 90% of our children's ocular injuries can be avoided with the use of protective sports eyewear. These are well-documented statistics and we should all pay attention to what these numbers mean for our children. It is imperative to ensure that your patients are well-educated on how to protect their children's eyes from not only sun damage, but also from sports-related injuries. Their kids may reject the whole idea of protective eyewear because it just doesn't sound cool. The term "protective" leads the kids to picture those vintage plastic glasses that covered half of your face - cool factor zero! That's not the case with today's protective eyewear. Eyefinity's frame partners are generations ahead of the old technology. The protection is in the impact resistance of the lenses and the frames, and they have excellent cool factors!

Protective eyewear for athletes no longer resembles a welder's safety glasses. You can get cool safety lenses in just about any frame or style; just make sure they are ANSI certified and impact-resistant; the cool factor comes with it.

With smaller children it is difficult enough for them to keep track of one pair of lenses, let alone two. The Cool Factor comes in with a pair of photo chromic lenses. Kids love the fact that the lenses get darker when outside and lighter when inside and their friends will think their glasses are cool!

It's fairly easy to pinpoint the cool factor with teenagers. They like trendy. They want to wear the same frames that Madonna or Jonas Brothers wears.

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