Docs on Call

 Clicking the links below will allow you to view our doctors' interviews on our local TV station.

Dr. Ted Bryant discusses cataracts.  (YouTube)

Dr. Arthur Chen discusses allergies. (YouTube)

Dr. Chen discusses pregnany and vision. (YouTube)

Dr. Subadra Arun discusses dry eyes.  (YouTube)

Dr. Subadra Arun discusses UV Protection. (YouTube)

Dr. Ted Bryant discusses cataracts. (YouTube)

Dr. Wade Fiegl discusses eye safety.  (YouTube)

Dr. Wade Fiegl discusses diabetes.  (YouTube)

Dr. Ted Bryant discusses Optomap exams. (YouTube)

Dr. Dean discusses childrens eye examinations. (YouTube)

Dr. Dean discusses contact lens hygiene. (YouTube)

Dr. Dean discusses Myopia. (YouTube)

Dr. Yegi discusses Corneal Remapping. (YouTube)

Dr. Yegi discusses Diabetic Retinopathy.  (YouTube)

Dr. Marx discusses Floaters.  (YouTube)

Dr. Marx discusses Computer Vision Syndrome.  (YouTube)

Dr. Ted Bryant discusses Computer Vision Issues.  (YouTube)

Dr. Dean discusses how 3D works.  (YouTube)

Dr. Dean discusses dilation drops and alternatives. (YouTube)

Dr. Mark discusses Glaucoma Awareness Month

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